Residential & Commercial

Since 2005, Mariman Homes has taken on the task of land development for both residential and commercial projects. This is one more step to creating the complete package, from start to finish, for the purchase and development of land and the construction of both residential and commercial building.

After several small residential projects, we undertook the purchase and redevelopment of a surplus school by the local school board. After many challenges by both the local residents and the municipality, a successful site of 19 custom homes were completed. As difficult as this project was, it was a great tool to learn almost every aspect and hurdle that developing land can introduce.

Our next project was a commercial site in the Hamilton area. Again, an older building was purchased and re-zoned to a modern day commercial facility, including both residential apartments and commercial space. Another step towards the complete land development package we now offer.

Through all of these experiences, we learned, through trial and error, what it would take to create an entire community encompassing both residential and commercial space. This helped immensely when we were developing our Disaster Relief Home package to present to the government of Haiti and various other countries that have suffered a devastating disaster.